Single/Double Sided Gondola Shelving For Retail Stores Display

There're two configurations available, a single sided and a double sided. The single sided configuration has shelving on only one side of the fixture. The single sided Gondolas are typically positioned up against a wall and the wall provides support for the back side of the fixture from tipping and overturning. The Double Sided Gondola Shelving Units are placed in the center of the store creating aisles that divide a store. The single sided and double sided Gondola Shelving units are assembled with all the same parts. This make the gondolas one of the most versatile store fixtures in use world wide.

Product Details

P/N#: RT-1039


Product: Single/Double Sided Gondola Shelf For Supermarket/Pharmacy Store/Cosmetics Shop


    Single Side: x 4pcs of Shelves

    Double Side: x 8pcs of Shelves

    Finish: Powder Coating

    Color: Yellow, Grey


Optional Sizes:

  P/N#.             L(CM)         W(CM)         H(CM)

 1039-D            200                 120               60    (total 8 shelves)

 1039-S            200                  120               60    (total 4 shelves)

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We offer a wide range of gondola shelves for the retails stores such as the supermarket, pharmacy stores, cosmetic shops, etc. Usually the gondola have the fashion design and high quality to display the products. Our gondola display, wood case and cabinet are a wide selection of store fixtures.Each Shelf can carry Max 80KGs.


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