Solid Wood Display Props Knowledge

- Jul 19, 2017-

At present, a lot of solid wood display props, solid wood clothing display cabinets, and its shop in the real wood closet with the fact that the wood exhibition is completely disproportionate, mainly reflected in the back panel is Guean, drawer interior structure is all kinds of plywood. Solid wood display props very formal production, similar to this phenomenon in the entire display props design is very common, such as solid wood display cabinets, front and side is the use of camphor pine finger plate, back plate used in the Chinese FIR finger plate, and so on, this has been counted as the most honest business in the industry.

Costume props are important components of modern business space, is a shopping malls, merchandise brand display of important methods, solid wood clothing display rack is high-end display space and the use of high-end products, can show a shopping malls, commodity brands of cultural taste and cultural connotations, with the promotion of brand image, display the taste of goods, and create a simple and elegant business space.