How To Remove The Odor In The Display Cabinet?

- Jul 19, 2017-

1. Orange peel. Take fresh oranges 500 grams, after eating oranges, wash the orange peel dry, scattered into the display cabinets, 3 days later, the display cabinet fragrance, smell all.

2. Lemon flavor. Cut the lemon into small pieces and place them in each layer of the display cabinet to remove the odor.

3. Tea flavor. Put 50 grams of tea in gauze bag, put in display cabinets, can remove odor, 1 months later, the tea will be taken out in the sun exposure, can be used repeatedly, the effect is very good.

4. Eat vinegar to taste. Pour some vinegar into the open glass, put into the display cabinet, deodorizing effect is also very good.

5. Baking soda In addition to taste. Take 500 grams of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in two wide-mouth glass bottles (open the lid), placed in the upper and lower layers of the display cabinet, odor can be removed.

6. Tan soap to taste. In the display cabinet put 1 pieces of the paper to remove the tan soap, in addition to the smell of the effect is also good.

7. Charcoal odor. The appropriate amount of charcoal to crush, installed in the bag, the display cabinet, in addition to taste good effect.