Apparel Display Rack Industry category

- Jul 19, 2017-

1. Store display stand

Shopping malls display cabinets, storefront showcase and so on; This type of display cabinets requirements mainly from the product, the requirements of the showcase design must conform to product and brand image, as well as in the tone, LED lights and other matching with the user experience, mainly from the aesthetic, space and display three aspects to carry out the design.

2. Home Display Stand

This kind of display cabinet design emphasizes the space processing, mainly from interior decoration design to carry on the showcase design, moreover in the security request will be higher, the showcase production material is more diverse, the home display ark in the design expense will be higher than the store display ark and so on.

3. Mobile Display Stand

Mobile display racks are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, craft gifts, crystal products, plastic products, factory products showroom, foreign Trade company sample Hall and other products display, but also for business fairs, and can be designed for many styles, to make products more attractive.

4. Exhibition Stand

This display cabinet's production and design requirements are most sophisticated, not only in the producers to ensure the best use of the finest materials, and design requirements will be higher, which of course and the nature of the exhibition is inseparable.